We help you make wise, strategic decisions

Build your foresight

CFC pursues projects that define your long game. Specifically, we help you imagine a spread of plausible futures and identify through a planning process the ways and means necessary to advance your mission.

help your strategy 

The CFC team runs intensive, day-long workshops to help you identify your objectives, resources, and challenges.

  • During discussions, we use foresight methods--such as scenario planning, round robin strategizing, and futures wheels, among other tools--to produce a more imaginative, insightful, and strategic conversation than you have experienced before.

  • We then take the data from those discussions and launch a research effort to develop actionable proposals for your intentions and goals, finally delivering you an analytic product tailored to your requirements.

vitalize your vision

We will deliver our findings to you and your stakeholders in an executive presentation that informs your decisions or deliberations about your visionary goals.

  • Over the course of multiple engagements, we can provide continuity between successive strategy sessions through regular follow up, adjustment, and briefs with original research and strategic foresight analysis.

Why we are different

typical "strategy meetings" fail

What conservative organizations typically call strategy is, in reality, only tactics. Too often, solution proposals lack implementation. Five problems plague these sorts of "strategy" meetings: 

  1. There is no convening authority to gather the right mix of people in one room.
  2. People spend time venting their frustrations or rehearsing a litany of worries.
  3. An overemphasis on diagnosis undercuts conversation about actionable solutions.
  4. There is no professional facilitation or time manager.
  5. The entire effort is ultimately reactive and tactical, responding to the issue of the week or news cycle.

Instead of strategy meetings that respond ad hoc to events, wouldn't you rather have a platform to host research and analysis of strategic questions on your organization's goals and mission?

have an ongoing strategic conversation instead

CFC offers you an analytic service for an ongoing strategic conversation. Use us as a facilitation forum to pose questions and respond to new developments through consultation, proposals, and the opportunity to task CFC for original research and long term planning facilitation.