Conservatives need a breakthrough

Conservatives lack structured thinking about long range goals because few mechanisms exist to plan strategically. We mean by “strategic planning” a way to create proposals for long term objectives; then through collaboration with stakeholders, delivering those proposals to agents for implementation beyond an election cycle.

For a look at our deeper analysis of this problem, the mindset and methods we think can overcome it, and our overall vision for how to create conservative futures, read Breakthrough: A Guide for Creating Conservative Futures

We think conservatives need better strategy so much, we are offering Breakthrough to you for FREE. 

The problem is too big just for us to solve. We want to equip you with our methodology and mindset to go out, gain your own expertise, and start doing this in your own network. Join us in bringing back strategy for the Right and the long run.

What is Breakthrough?


A call to imagination and creativity

  • This guide is a call for conservatives to act with imagination and creativity against long term problems besetting us.

  • Breakthrough charts ways to think more critically and creatively about decisions you face to enhance your organization's mission.

A strategy guide for conservatives

  • Breakthrough is a guide for any organization or community of interest intending to create, build, or implement a conservative vision of America’s future.

  • It is a handbook for you to harness fresh insights for strategies, plans, and actions toward your goals.

A vision for conservatism to change the future

  • The increasing complexity of the 21st century threatens to overwhelm America's institutions unless they evolve, but this challenge baffles the Left and its hierarchical government solutions.

  • Conservatives favor self-governing systems that can adapt, putting our ideas on the launch-pad to the future.